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A few years ago a little kid and his parents went to a carnival. Her parents said to stay sitting on a bench while they go get something from the car. Something caught this kids attention and went running towards it. When his parents came back they noticed that their daughter was missing. They went everywhere looking for her at the carnival but she was nowhere to be found. The girl went around asking if anyone had seen his parents. One man said yes they are over here and the girl followed. The man took her to his vehicle and took him to his house. The man raped her and kept her in a closet and raped her everyday. One day the man killed her and dug her up in his backyard. Her spirit haunted the man and her parents for leaving her at the carnival alone. She has been wandering around the streets ever since. Like this comment and post it an 15 other pictures (because the girl was 15) in 5 minutes or she will come and kill you. Your time has been ticking since you started reading this!

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